Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+

This is the last complimentary Influenster Spring Vox Box item that I received and am going to review. I was sent the “Dust It” product which is basically just a volume and texture product.  When I first looked at the product, I did not know what the heck I was supposed to do with it.  I finally found two instructions written in very tiny font on the clear, plastic cover.  This should definitely be changed because many people, like myself, do not want to have to look up on the internet how to use this product.  For those who are looking up this product, basically you just sprinkle the white powder onto your DRY hairline and massage it into your scalp, easy enough. And the white powder becomes invisible once it’s rubbed in. I have dark hair and I can’t see the product anymore, which is good. Once I decided to just try this product, I wasn’t really all that impressed.  The product feels… I don’t even know how to describe it. It feels dirty I guess. And it did not really do anything to my flat hair.  My other products work much better at a cheaper price.  What it did do is make my hair look messy, like it was teased without me even having teased it. This would be cool if I had actually wanted that teased look but I don’t (that’s so 80s); I just want volume.  Try this product if you want, but I won’t be using it again.

The product website is:

You can get it for the expensive price of $23.50 at salons across America and Ulta.comImage