Palmolive Soft Touch

Two weeks ago, I received a package from Influenster that contained two complimentary bottles of Palmolive Soft Touch Dish Soap.  One of the bottles was Vitamin E.  Though I love the color pink, I did not really like this one because it reminded me of Calamine Lotion and smelled like Pepto Bismol, not a good picture for doing the dishes! So, I gave that bottle away to a friend.  The other bottle was Aloe.  I LOVED this.  It smelled so good and really did make my hands so soft and smooth.  It also produced a lot of bubbles while i washed dishes so it made it more fun.  I really would recommend this product to anyone because, as it advertises, it is “Tough on Grease, but Soft on Hands!”

To check out the “official” product details, take a look at and

You can purchase Palmolive Soft Touch at your local Walmart or Target for about $2.99 at last check. Don’t miss out!Image

**All opinions are my own


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